Jack LaLanne Check-In Day

To encourage everyone to continue the JLLDay attitude throughout the year, the 26th day of each month is now considered a JLLDay check-in day, to be used as a time to re-assess own personal health improvement commitment related to fitness, nutrition, and health in general.

The same guidelines apply for these check-in days as for the main JLLDay on Jack's birthdate, 26 September: you decide what you want to do, either solo or with a group. Baby steps in the right direction are just as fabulous as epic workouts. Pick something appropriate to your current level of fitness. The key part is doing something! Jack's attitude towards fitness is something that should last for more than just one day!

Remember: It doesn't matter where you are or what you decide to do on these check-in days. Just do something safe & positive for your fitness and/or nutrition.
You Make It Happen!

If you are located near the San Francisco Bay area, you are invited to join in a fun, free, informal, outdoor core & functional strength workout on Sundays. See details on the events page.

If you can't make these workouts, do your own solo workout or organize something locally. Let us know what you're up to! Chime in on the Facebook page tweet to @JLLDay on Twitter.