Jack LaLanne Day: September 26

Let's make Jack LaLanne's birthday September 26th an International Day of Health when we all follow Jack's lead in demonstrating an on-going personal commitment to better physical fitness and nutrition and in so doing, ease our spiraling healthcare costs.

For the history behind this effort see: Living Exercise Legend Inspires Fitness for All

The Plan
Here's the idea: Jack traditionally did an amazing feat of strength on his birthday. More than anyone else, he kick started our modern fitness industry and showed by example how to maintain an active, fit, healthy, and long life. Now it's our turn to affirm our commitment to better health by doing something positive, and possibly challenging, related to physical fitness, nutrition, or health in general on this date.

To continue the positive health attitude throughout the year, the 26th day of each month is a Jack LaLanne Day check-in day to reaffirm our healthy commitments and assess progress all year long.

"You make it happen," as Jack would say. We have the power, through our personal choices and actions, to improve our health. Collectively our actions will go a long way toward countering the burden of poor health on our healthcare system.

The godfather of fitness may be gone, but his spirit is alive and well in the millions of people he motivated and in everyone who continues to promote a culture of physical fitness and take personal responsibility for their own well-being.

Simply be willing and able to do something of your choosing that is positive for your health this September 26th and on the monthly check-in days. Perform your "feat" solo or with a group of like-minded devotees. Participation is free, open to all, ad-free, spam-free, and with no strings attached.

Ways to get involved:

See the Events page for details about local "feat of strength" activities planned for JLLDay or the monthly check-in days.